Bedfordshire Area of the BCC

Hi Everyone,

As I write these notes the area is coming to something of a crossroads in its history. As you already know it is my intention to stand down as chairman at next years AGM, but at our recent committee meeting both our treasurer and sites officer have said they will be standing down as well and with the possibility of one other member of the committee standing down we are looking for three new members to step into their shoes.

Over the 43 years Irene has been a C&CC member she has at one time or another and for various DA’s and Sections held every post that is available, and now for age and health reasons she and Ray have decided to bring their caravanning career to an end. Elaine has, because of family commitments also decided to stop caravanning at the end of the year, so we as a club thank both of them for their dedication  to the Beds Area and wish them well in their caravanning retirement.

The main thing now is to find someone who is willing to stand as treasurer so they can be nominated to the post by the second weekend of November. If not already a member of the committee they are automatically elected on appointment. Then we will still have two vacancies for the committee.

If you would like to help take the club forward and need some more information please do not hesitate to contact myself or any member of the committee.

I think that is enough from me.