Bedfordshire Area of the BCC

Hi Everyone,

Firstly I would like to wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year and hope you all had a good festive season and are now looking forward to the better weather so we can start enjoying caravanning again.

There have been some changes to the committee over the last few weeks and this is to bring you all up to date. Irene our treasurer has decided it is time to hang up her calculator, the club thanks Irene for all the hard work she has put in over the years for CC&C where she has held, I think every position that you can hold in a D.A. or section and especially the work she has done for the Beds B.C.C. Thank you Irene.

Her place has been taken by Anthony who picked up the calculator on the first January, we wish Anthony all the very best in his new role.

Also, because of family reasons, Elaine has stepped down from sites, we thank Elaine for all her hard work over the last couple of years and wish her and Ian all the very best for the future. Elaine’s place at sites has been picked up by Jenny who is now in the process of taking over thank you Jenny.

Also we are losing Judi from the committee as she has decided not continue caravanning anymore after the loss of Will her husband of many years, we wish Judi a long and happy caravanning retirement.

We have volunteers for all the vacancies on the committee from this current committee
. All the officers of the club will be elected at the meeting after the AGM in April thus ensuring the clubs continuity for another year.

We are in need of an auditor for next year as Derick will stand down after auditing the books this year, thank you Derick, so if anyone knows someone or are prepared to volunteer please speak up.

Do not forget our new camping year starts at our T.H.S. at Fakenham 16th February hope to see some you there. 

That’s all from me for now. Eric