Bedfordshire Area of the BCC

Hi Everyone,

Here we are starting the new year in the same vein as we ended the last with notices of meet cancellations. At the moment the one I have to tell you about is our AGM which will now be held virtually at the same time and date as already announced at 5pm on the 10th April 2021. At the same time the camping meet due to be held at Old Warden village hall 8-10th April has been cancelled. The committee has been starting to hold virtual meetings to get into this new way of working and more details will follow later as the meeting will be held as a zoom meeting. 

In the meantime if you would like to join us could you please send your details to either myself or Hon Sec Cathy Watson this is so all reports can be circulated to all who are interested before the AGM. This will allow people time to study the reports and come up with any question beforehand hopefully saving time at the meeting.

We in the Beds area are fortunate that all the committee have agreed to stand again in the positions they already hold.

For our AGM to take place we will need a minimum of 15 Beds Area registered members to attend so if we do not get this number the AGM cannot go ahead. Your new registration cards will be with you over the next few weeks attached inside your copy of the Caravanning Magazine.

The status of all other meets will be announced on this website as details become known.