Bedfordshire Area of the BCC

Hi Everyone,

As most of you will now be aware of the Camping and Caravanning Club’s statement of 17/03/2020 which means all our weekend meets THS's and our AGM for this year have been suspended until further notice. As soon as we hear this has been lifted we will notify you through all methods available and on this website so keep an eye out and lets hope the suspension is shorter rather than longer.

When this suspension is lifted we will have to have our AGM and so i ask all of you who would wish to to take part and vote at the AGM you will need to have sent your record cards in as you would done if the AGM had gone ahead in a fortnight's time. So to avoid losing them over the period until then could you please send them to me, we will then be in a position to get the area back up and runni
ng in the shortest time possible.

In the meantime keep yourselves safe and we will see you all once again out and about in your units.